We’re Taking a Break

The Greenburger Center is pushing pause and taking a break from Twitter.  We try not to judge people by the worst thing they have done in their lives because there is always HOPE that they will change, but avoiding judgment does not mean avoiding responsibility.

We hope Elon Musk will change and we won’t be back until he does. He must institute sound policies that protect free speech and expression while ensuring that the platform is not used to incite violence or amplify unfounded conspiracy theories and lies. Twitter users cannot be permitted to spread racist, antisemitic and other hate-filled speech or glorify those who use lies, guns or other violent means to harm others or overthrow our government.

Our breakup will not mean much to the world and will matter not at all to Elon Musk, but it matters to us.  Social and criminal justice matter more than a Tweet or Retweet, and so do our democratic institutions.

Not all speech is free. Hate speech is not protected by the Constitution and neither Twitter nor any American should get a free pass to spew hate under the guise of free speech – a right tens of thousands of Americans have died or shed blood to protect.

Until things change at Twitter, including a commitment to treat Twitter employees with respect, we won’t be back. Our break up begins November 30th but you can still keep track of our work –  just sign up on our mailing list or find us on FacebookInstagram or LinkedIn. We’ll be looking for you on those platforms too! 

About The Author

About The Author

Cheryl Roberts
[email protected]

In addition to serving as Executive Director of the Greenburger Center, Ms. Roberts is the Corporation Counsel for the City of Hudson, New York and a licensed bond agent in New York State. Previously in her career, Roberts was a town judge from Columbia County, New York and served as a counsel to committees in both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate.